Lyric Bloom


The Lyric Bloom filter applies a bloom effect, which spreads and intensifies the highlights in an image. You can control the intensity of the bloom and presence level of the bloom as well as its blur or spread. The intensity control is sensitive enough to turn even moderately light areas of an image into a bloom, as in the example on the right above.

The Lyric Bloom filter includes a set of effect controls that are common across all Lyric effect filters. For a detailed description of these controls, please see the Common Effect Controls documentation.

Additionally, all Lyric Effect filters can be applied through mattes or masks to constrain the filter effect to particular areas of the image. For background information on mattes and masks, please refer to the Lyric Matte Primer.

The Intensity slider controls the intensity of the bloom and highlight sensitivity of the filter. Moving it to the right both increases the intensity and derives the bloom from a wider range of light levels in the scene.

The Presence slider effectively controls the transparency of the bloom as it is added back into the image, low values decrease the amount of bloom, high values increase it.

The Blur slider controls the bloom spread and softness.

The Effect Controls section is a set of common controls that are documented on the Common Effect Controls page. They can be used to achieve masked and other specialized filter effects.


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