Lyric Channel Mixer

Channel Mixer

The Lyric Channel Mixer filter is a utility effect that allows you to reassign any video channel to any other channel in the clip. This is often useful for debugging or utility purposes, but can also be used to create interesting stylistic effects. The channels that can be mixed include Red, Green, Blue, Y, U, V and alpha, as well as all-white, all-black and middle grey. These can be mixed or reassigned in any combination for output as either an RGBA image or YUVA image (where A = alpha). For those unfamiliar with video channels, Lyric's Matte Primer contains a brief introduction.

The Lyric Channel Mixer filter includes a set of effect controls that are common across all Lyric effect filters. For a detailed description of these controls, please see the Common Effect Controls documentation.

Additionally, all Lyric Effect filters can be applied through mattes or masks to constrain the filter effect to particular areas of the image. For background information on mattes and masks, please refer to the Lyric Matte Primer.

The Output Mode dropdown menu selects between RGB and YUV output color spaces.


In RGB mode, you select the source channels for each of the R, G, B and Alpha output channels. In YUV mode, you select the source channels for each of the Y, U, V and Alpha output channels. It doesn't matter what kind of sequence or clip you are using this filter in, both YUV and RGB output modes are OK and will be converted as needed for final output.

The source channel for each of the output channels is selected in the Source Channels section. Each output channel has a source dropdown menu containing the following selections:


The first seven items correspond to the standard channels in the source video. White, Black and Grey are special options that force the associated output channel to the selected color. These are often useful for channel-isolation tasks, such as the left-most effect variation at the top of this page. This was achieved by choosing RGB output mode, then selecting Source Red for Output R and Black for both Output G and Output B.

The Effect Controls section is a set of common controls that are documented on the Common Effect Controls page. They can be used to achieve masked and other specialized filter effects.


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Output Mode = YUV
Output Y = Source Red
Output U = Source U
Output V = Source V

Output Mode = RGB
Output R = Source Red
Output G = Black
Output B = Black

Output Mode = RGB
Output R = Source Blue
Output G = Source Y
Output B = Source Red

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