Lyric Color Degrade

Color Degrade

The Lyric Color Degrade filter is a stylizing effect that produces moody results with a combination of low-saturation, low-key mids & shadows and washed-out highs. It works particularly well on high-key, or flat-lighted material and provides controls that set the wash-out threshold and overall tone and color levels.

The Lyric Color Degrade filter includes a set of effect controls that are common across all Lyric effect filters. For a detailed description of these controls, please see the Common Effect Controls documentation.

Additionally, all Lyric Effect filters can be applied through mattes or masks to constrain the filter effect to particular areas of the image. For background information on mattes and masks, please refer to the Lyric Matte Primer.

The Intensity slider controls low-key level, moving it to the right darkens and intensifies the mids & shadows. The White Threshold slider sets the washed-out highs threshold, moving it to the left decreases the source-image levels that are forced into wash-out, to the right washes-out more of the tone range. The White Clip level sets the wash-out value and Smoothness controls rolloff into the white, lower settings produce hard, grainy edges to the white, higher values smooth the transition.

Gamma Correct can be used to adjust the midtone key and Saturation can be used to adust the color degradation.

The Effect Controls section is a set of common controls that are documented on the Common Effect Controls page. They can be used to achieve masked and other specialized filter effects.


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