Lyric Edge Detect

Edge Detect

The Lyric Edge Detect filter is a stylizing effect that extracts smooth, variable-width edges within a video image. Unlike convolution-based edge detectors within Final Cut that extract fixed width edges, the Lyric Edge Detect filter combines 8 shifted copies of the image in a blending tree to simulate a variable-size convolution and extract an edge that is controlled by the shift amount.

The Lyric Edge Detect filter includes a set of effect controls that are common across all Lyric effect filters. For a detailed description of these controls, please see the Common Effect Controls documentation.

Additionally, all Lyric Effect filters can be applied through mattes or masks to constrain the filter effect to particular areas of the image. For background information on mattes and masks, please refer to the Lyric Matte Primer.

The Edge Width slider sets the offset of the 8 image copies in pixels. Increasing this widens the edges, up to a certain point when edge-shadowing will start to appear. The resultant edge image can be inverted or desaturated with the Invert and Edge Color checkboxes.

The Level Adjust section acts as a form of convolution bias for the edge detector, with typically high Black Levels and low Gamma to produce edges over white backgrounds.

The Effect Controls section is a set of common controls that are documented on the Common Effect Controls page. They can be used to achieve masked and other specialized filter effects.


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Default settings

Edge Width
Black Level


= 0.82
= 26
= 211



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