Lyric Masked Brightness and Contrast

Masked Brightness and Contrast

The Lyric Masked Brightness and Contrast filter applies standard brightness and contrast controls to the clip. It can be used in conjunction with matte filters and other alpha-channel sources to allow its effect to be masked to certain areas within the clip's frame, and it can also be applied to specific image channels to achieve image-correction and other stylistic effects.

The above example shows an inked-edges effect in which the Lyric Edges Matte was used to selected edges within the image that were then heavily brightened.

The Lyric Masked Brightness and Contrast filter includes a set of effect controls that are common across all Lyric effect filters. For a detailed description of these controls, please see the Common Effect Controls documentation.

For background information on mattes and masks and their uses in Final Cut, please refer to the Lyric Matte Primer.

Moving the Brightness slider to the right increases overall brightness of the scene; moving it to the left decreases brightness. Moving the Contrast slider to the right makes dark areas even more dark and light areas even more bright; moving it to the left decreases contrast moving both dark and bright areas towards middle gray.

The Effect Controls section is a set of common controls that are documented on the Common Effect Controls page. They can be used to achieve masked and other specialized filter effects.


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