Lyric Grid Matte

Grid Matte

The Lyric Grid Matte produces a grid-like matte in which the orientation, size & density of the grid can be adjusted. You can also supply a fill matte image, which will be replicated throughout the grid.

The Lyric Grid Matte filter includes a set of matte and output controls that are common across all Lyric matte filters. For a detailed description of these controls, please see the Matte Common Controls documentation.

For background information on mattes and their uses in Final Cut, please refer to the Lyric Matte Primer.


The Geometry section contains controls that determine the shape, size and orientation of the grid.

Origin sets the center point of the grid, Number of Rows and Columns sets the grid density, Height and Width set the overall size of the grid and the Gap controls set the distance between the rows and columns. If you want just a set of columns or rows, set the appropriate Gap control to 0.

The 1:1 Aspect Lock causes the grid to be always square and uses the Height slider to set its dimensions.

Scale grows or shrinks the whole grid, including gaps & any fill clips, Rotation rotates the whole grid abouts its center. Opacity controls the opacity of the grid contents and the matte can be feathered using the Softeness control.

If you drop an image or clip into the Fill Image/Clip well, that image or clip is replicated throughout the grid and its luminosity level is used as the matte within each grid section. In the example below, a hexagonal image has been dropped into the Fill Image/Clip well and the Grid Matte has replicated it throughout the grid.


The Matte Control and Output sections are common controls that are documented on the Matte Common Controls page.


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