Lyric Motion Matte

Motion Matte

The Lyric Motion Matte produces a matte that selects the areas in a scene in which the pixels are moving or changing from frame-to-frame. In the example above, the car is moving along the road, all other features are still, so the matte selects the edges of the car, as they are the only changing pixels on consecutive frames. You can control the motion sensitivity and the number of frames over which to detect motion.

This matte is most commonly used as a filter mask, allowing a color-correction or special effect to be applied just to the moving areas of the scene. For example, applying a deinterlace just to the moving areas minimizes the detail loss that would otherwise occur in the rest of the frame. It is can also used inverted to provide a mask of the stationary areas of the video.

The Lyric Motion Matte filter includes a set of matte and output controls that are common across all Lyric matte filters. For a detailed description of these controls, please see the Matte Common Controls documentation.

For background information on mattes and their uses in Final Cut, please refer to the Lyric Matte Primer.


The Motion Sensitivity slider sets the sensitivity of the filter to pixel change from frame-to-frame. Higher values require greater change from frame-to-frame.

The Frame Window slider determines the number of earlier frames over which the filter looks for changes. It generates a matte that covers all the changes across all the frames specified.

The Matte Control and Output sections are common controls that are documented on the Matte Common Controls page.


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