Los Gatos: Then and Now

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This film transports viewers through time as the history of Los Gatos, California, comes alive with the juxtaposition of digitally enhanced historic photographs and matching high-definition video of Los Gatos today.

Nestled in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains at the cut of Cats’ Canyon, Los Gatos attracted gold diggers, lumberjacks, oil drillers, outlaws and artists. Witness the celebrations and tragedies of a young frontier town - the devastating fires that forged its features, the ebullient parades, picnics and pageants that signaled its joy, the notorious crimes that darken its past, and the remarkable innovators who found inspiration in the lovely landscape.

Rare film footage from the early twentieth century shows a stagecoach rumbling along Old Santa Cruz Highway, trolleys trundling through town, travelers at the train depot, and automobiles racing along the new, sixteen foot wide "Boulevard to the Pacific."

Los Gatos was a railroad town, playing a prime role in one of the world’s greatest fruit-growing regions. The valley has since been transformed, but the natural beauty and vibrant character of its people continue to perpetuate the unique spirit of Los Gatos.

Selected Video Clips

The Cañada Building

The Livery Stable Fire

The Los Gatos Cinema



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